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Membership price $14.95 per week

Plus fob access, a one time, non refundable charge of $79.

A small admin charge is included in the weekly membership price and is implemented by the 3rd party direct debit institution.

A yearly membership charge of $15.00 debited once at the end of the calendar year.

No contracts, membership is week to week. Being on a direct debit arrangement does mean that 4 weeks notice is required to stop direct debits to your account. 

Casual Visit $15.00

You can sign up anytime at the gym at level 1, 31-35 Nettlefold St Belconnen from 7am to 5pm Monday to Thursday or by appointment.

Once again:

$14.95 per week membership

includes small weekly admin charge by direct debit institution

once off, non refundable charge for fob of $79, allows 24 hour access

$15.00 yearly admin charge

4 weeks notice for cancellation.

Casual Visit $15.00

Membership Payments are direct debited from your Bank account or Credit Card weekly, arranged at the Gym. Body Blitz Fitness is not used to manage any of your Financial details.

All Transactions are managed through a Secure reputable third party Commercial Debit Institution. Weekly Payments include a small admin fee. A one off, non refundable charge of $79 for a personal 24/7 electronic access Fob.

Membership Includes Access to all gym amenities and equipment, 24 hour access, a free initial personal program for those new members that require guidance. Call for an appointment or come in and take a look around  during business hours.

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